Step by Steps



1st Place Nailympia Australia – Nail Art Photographic Competition

Theme: Steampunk

With the theme Steampunk in mind, the idea was to create nails out of different size cogs. This is how I want about it.


1 Printed out a sheet of paper with different size circles and placed this in a plastic sheet to use as a guideline.
2 Cogs were created using gold, silver and bronze color acrylic powders.
3 Pick up a large bead of powder and place it in the center of the circle. Press out to create a perfect circle, ensuring the circle is even all way round.
4 As the product starts curing, using a metal spatula, cut out “teeth” along the edges of the circle.
5 Peel the circle off the plastic and place it around a pinching stick in order to create a c-curve. Allow to set completely.
6 Create more cogs using the other acrylic powders. Each nail is made up of 3 cogs, each one one size smaller than the previous one. Create different designs on the cogs using an electric file to file holes on the inside and outside of the circle to complete the cog.
7 Create the extension point on a form as a stiletto point. The extension point is the same color as the largest ring.
8 Using white acrylic, create a clock face on the largest cog of each nail. Press out evenly to create an even surface.
9 Using black acrylic paint, paint numerals and hands onto the clock. Using the corresponding acrylic powder create a tiny bead at the center of the clock.
10 Using builder gel clear, create a dome over the clock face. Cure. Using the corresponding acrylic powder create a frame around each clock face. Some were created with metal beads, others created with a single ring of acrylic, others with beads of acrylic pressed out with a dotting tool.
11 Using clear acrylic powder, stick the individual pieces together.
12 Using the corresponding acrylic powder colors add beads of product onto the cogs and allow to start setting. Using a spatula create a line through the bead, creating the illusion of the top of a screw. Using black acrylic paint, shadow around the base of the screw. Place these randomly around the design. Using clear acrylic powder, secure the extension onto the extended basic nail.
Steampunk The mask was created with odds and ends stuck onto a cardboard mask and sealed with bathroom latex filler. Paint the mask with bronze paint and allow to dry.
Steampunk Using bronze acrylic powder, create additional curls, screws and details to fill up any open spaces. Using black acrylic paint shadow around the curls, screws and other details to add a vintage look.

Nail Tech: Tracey Lee

Photographer: Henny Sep

MUA: Dunia Erich

Model: Jaim Tobing