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Arabella fantasy forms are a unique tool to help you improve design skills.

Measuring 10cm long, they are designed for nail techs to pre design tips, develop fantasy nails or create individual embellishments. They are shaped like a nail and available in 10 different sizes.  They can be pinched, drawn on and are also reusable.

Use the Arabella Forms in your quiet moments to practise your craft, creating a collection of embellishments to encapsulate onto nails later,  pre design complex tips without a client being present or amaze then with your fantastical pieces of art. The Arabella fantasy forms can be used with any system and after you have designed your tip, embellishment or full nail, the design can be taken off the form easily and adhered to the free.

Students can especially benefit from the fantasy form as it is an inexpensive way to practise those smile lines. Used your Aarabella forms for photo shoots, pre make the nails at your leisure, after sizing your models nails, and then apply with speed on the day.  Entering a competition?  Use the Arabella forms to develop the design.

Click here to view a video on how to use the Arabella Forms.

Price: € 19,95 incl. VAT

 needlepen-close-up-SMALL-165x163 NEEDLE PEN

These are not ordinary pens, but instead these are something even better. A perfect tool to add that little bit extra to your design nails.

Use with gel or acrylic these are amazing for marbling and swirling your gel colours, creating detail to your art work, and pressing ultra thin veins to your leafs. You will be amazed at how many times you will use this pen, your only problem to deciding which colour to choose.

It works like a pen with a clicky end, which when pressed releases the needle to what ever length takes your fancy. They are just 14cm long without the needle, the needle extends another 3cm approx.


Available in Pink, Black, Silver and Blue.

Price: € 8,95 incl. VAT.